Sampsa Pekkinen | +358504638006

I am an attorney with a focus on employment law, criminal law, dispute resolution and contract law. Please refer to the website of the Finnish Bar Association for more information on rules and regulations applicable to Finnish attorneys.

Prior to establishing my own firm, I worked as a lawyer at the employment law practice group of a major Nordic law firm. Thus, I have broad experience of employment matters, from drafting agreements for employees and management to employment-related disputes and criminal matters. Similarly, I represent clients in other types of disputes and criminal matters.

Having trained on the bench, I am familiar with disputes and criminal matters also from the perspective of the court. While working as a Trainee District Judge at the District Court of Kanta-Häme, I handled and issued rulings on a great number of criminal cases, civil disputes and petitionary matters. My approach to successful management of disputes and criminal matters is a combination of diplomacy and uncompromising determination.

In addition, I advise companies and private individuals on various contractual arrangements. I also have experience on copyright matters and legal questions relating to team sports.

Working with people, finding solutions to versatile problems and the meaningfulness of the work are my main drivers. Succeeding with the client feels wonderful every time.

I am straightforward to work with and my working methods are highly interactive. Finding the best solution for the client requires not only being familiar with the applicable law but also understanding party-related factors. For me it is of the essence that the client is always well-informed of the costs and the course of the assignment.