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Our core practice areas cover employment-related assignments, criminal matters, dispute resolution as well as assignments relating to general contract law.

Dispute resolution & contract law

We provide versatile advice to companies and private individuals in matters relating to dispute resolution and contract law.

Disagreements or even an outright breach of obligations cannot always be avoided between the contracting parties. Identifying the
parties’ interests and expectations in the negotiation phase, having a well-drafted, clear contract and issuing of a timely notification in
case of potential defect(s) in contractual performance are essential elements in preventing disputes from arising as well as in preparing
for them. We provide legal advisory services to companies and individuals in relation to drafting and interpretation of agreements.

As regards disputes, in most cases, reaching a mutual agreement on the dispute is the best solution for both parties. We act always in a discreet manner with the aim of reaching a settlement, unless it would be in conflict with the best interests of our client – this is rarely the case.

One cannot deny the benefits of a settlement – it saves time and expenses and enables the parties to define the terms. Settling the dispute is possible even during the course of a litigation. Sometimes, there are no grounds for reaching a settlement or it is genuinely against the interests of the client and a ruling on the matter is required. We represent our clients persistently in all phases of the dispute resolution proceedings, from settlement negotiations to litigation or arbitration. We commit to each case and if need be, we can e.g. help finding an expert witness with the help of our network. 

We dedicate all our efforts to defend our clients’ best interests, but always in an honest manner with a respectful and discreet attitude towards the opposing party. A good attorney refrains from feeding the dispute with provocative conduct. If you are looking for a “Pit Bull lawyer”, you will not find one from our firm.

A good attorney will also bring rational approach to the dispute and helps the client to observe the situation from a more objective
perspective in order to find a suitable and cost-efficient solution that serves the best interests of the client. As regards the client’s
position and chances of success in the dispute, we always express our opinion without sugar coating.

We offer advisory and dispute resolution services in following matters, among other:

We dedicate all our efforts to defend our clients’ best interests.

Criminal law

We offer advocacy services in criminal matters for both the defendant as well as the victim.

We offer advocacy services in criminal matters for both the defendant as well as the victim, i.e. the injured party. We handle various criminal cases ranging from severe violent crimes to white-collar crimes, relating to e.g. occupational health and safety or trade secrets.

For most people, being involved in criminal proceedings is a burdensome one-off experience that impedes business operations as well as personal life, as applicable. Reaching out to an attorney, as early as possible, increases the likelihood of arriving into the best possible outcome in the given circumstances. We are aware that details matter and we leave no stone unturned for your case. We have experience of criminal matters also from the perspective of the court.

No one is obliged to contribute to self-incrimination. If a person is being suspected or accused of a crime, his or her rights are emphasized instead of obligations. The European Court of Human Rights has paid specific attention to the actual and effective opportunity of the suspect to be assisted by a legal advisor when being heard for the first time by the authorities in the pre-trial
investigation. The police have a duty to inform the suspects, prior to the pre-trial hearing, about the offence they are suspected of as well as of the right to be accompanied by a legal advisor in the hearing. It is highly advisable for the suspect to contact an attorney without delay after receiving an invitation to the pre-trial hearing.

The best case for the suspect is a decision by the prosecutor not to press charges against the concerned suspect. If, however, the prosecutor makes the decision to press charges and the case proceeds to the court, the war is not over despite the first battle may be lost. The application for summons identifies only the prosecutor’s view of the case but the court makes the decision whether the person is found guilty or not. Despite the prosecutor and the court are ex officio obliged to take into account factors that are beneficial for the accused, the defendant’s legal protection is best secured by using an advocate.

The victim of the crime, i.e. the injured party is also entitled to use an advocate. There is no need to cope with the proceedings alone. Resorting to an attorney can improve the victim’s position in many ways.

If a person is being suspected or accused of a crime, his or her rights are emphasized instead of obligations.

The victim could be entitled to a compensation for damages caused by the offence in question. Phrasing the claim for damages and defining the correct amount of compensation is not always a simple task. Similarly, with the help of an advocate it is possible to have better results when hearing the parties and witnesses. Further, the victim has, for example, a right to endorse the charges brought by the prosecutor and a certain right to present new circumstances to support the charges.

As regards the legal expenses arising from using an attorney in the criminal proceedings, we will always confirm whether the client is entitled to legal aid and explore the possibilities to cover the legal fees from a legal expenses insurance, potentially included in one’s home insurance.

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Employment law

Choose our firm as your trusted partner in employment law matters. Our expertise covers all aspects of legal issues relating to employment law, including M&A-related questions.

We are experienced in advising especially employer clients in various matters regarding employment law. We are familiar with both Finnish and foreign companies. However, we are also pleased to advise clients who are in the role of an employee.

Employment matters have a crucial importance in the course of business operations as in individuals’ everyday life. It is important to be fully informed about the content of the rights and obligations identified under one’s agreement, whether working as an employee or acting in the role of a managing director. From the perspective of the employer, well-organized personnel management and carefully drafted agreements for the employees and management mitigate human-related risks and also increase the commitment of the personnel. The employer should put effort especially on the agreements concluded with the management and other key employees.

Invalid non-compete undertaking will not serve its purpose and a bonus clause with inadequate phrasing could expose the company for unexpected costs.

We offer wide range of employment law services, from advising in daily matters to exceptional situations:

We have understanding on the legal issues arising from the modern forms of work. Shortcomings in the compliance with the employment matters surface to publicity easier than before. It is difficult to measure financial value for having a responsible employer brand but the price for the defects can be usually identified. We want to help our clients thrive in a responsible manner.

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Other matters

In addition to our core services, we also advise in other types of assignments if we consider that we can bring the required added value for the client, taking into account the nature of the assignment.

We always make the assessment on a case-by-case basis. If, after considering the best interests of the client, we feel that one of our colleague firms, for example, would be more suitable for the given assignment, we will help you to find the right contact person.

You can always reach out in case of any concerns. Let’s assess together how we can help you. The initial assessment is always free of any charge unless it results to an assignment.

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