Our applicable fees and rates

The initial assessment is always free of any fees, unless it results in an assignment.

Our general terms of service apply to all assignments unless otherwise agreed with the client.

As a rule, our rates are defined by the time used for the assignment, meaning we apply hourly rates in the absence of an agreement on applying a fixed fee. The minimum billable time unit is fifteen (15) minutes.

We always strive to be transparent and predictable as regards our fees. If specifically requested by the client, we can provide
approximate fee quotes unless a fixed fee cannot be defined due to the nature of the assignment. Our approximate fee quotes are
not binding, yet they are realistic in most cases.
In addition to our advocacy fees, other necessary costs may be required on a case-by-case basis for handling the assignment.
Such costs are charged separately. These costs may include, for example, travel expenses, costs related to acquiring of certain
documents, handling fees payable to authorities, costs of an expert opinion or costs related to printing of an unusual amount of documentation, as applicable.

All our fees and costs for handling the assignment are always added with the applicable value added tax (“VAT”). The applicable VAT rate regarding legal fees is 24 percent (%) of the amount subject to the tax.

Our identified fees apply as of 15 September 2020.

*We will always confirm whether the costs from handling the assignment could be covered from applicable insurance (e.g. legal expenses insurance potentially included in a home insurance or in employee union membership or in a company insurance) or with public legal aid.*

Our standard hourly rate without VAT is EUR 250,00 (EUR 310,00 incl. VAT). This standard rate is applicable to ordinary assignments
relating to advisory work, contract drafting, disputes or criminal matters.

If we consider that the nature of the assignment, the efforts required, timetable, unusual interests or other comparable factors provide that we must perform under unusual circumstances, we reserve the right to apply increased hourly rates. This means
that the above-identified standard rate is increased by no more than 30 percent (%). We will always inform the client without delay of the grounds for applying the increased rate after we have become aware that such grounds may be at hand.

The invoicing principles and fees applicable to clients, entitled to public legal aid, are defined in accordance with the laws and
regulations concerning public legal aid. We will confirm whether the client is entitled to legal aid and if so, we will assist in
applying the decision for legal aid. The client’s income, debt and wealth affect on the
entitlement to legal aid. In addition, also the nature of the matter plays a role in the assessment. The public legal aid can be
granted to cover the client’s legal fees entirely or partially. Legal aid can also cover handling fees by the authorities.

Unless otherwise agreed with the client, time used solely for traveling required by the assignment, is charged at a rate of EUR 100 (excl. VAT) (EUR 124 incl. VAT) per hour. If other actions relating to the assignment are taken during the travel, the normal
rates of the given assignment apply. Other out-of-pocket travel costs, such as costs of accommodation, are charged in full. Mileage allowance for using own car for assignment-related traveling is defined in accordance with the amount (added with VAT) identified under the decision by the Finnish Tax Administration on travel expenses, as in force from time to time.

The applicable costs for printing of an unusual amount of documentation are EUR 0,50 (excl. VAT) (0,62 incl. VAT) per A4 sheet.