Pekkinen, Attorney Ltd.

We want to be amongst the ones who contribute to a more just and responsible world.

The firm

Pekkinen, Attorney Ltd. is an efficient and approachable one-man law firm. We provide professional legal services for companies and other entities but also for private individuals.

Our offices are located in the capital city of Finland, Helsinki, yet we operate nationwide. Our clientele consists of domestic and foreign companies, varying from listed companies to mid-size and micro entities, as well as private individuals. Irrespective of the matter, rest assured to have our best know-how at your disposal.

Our core practice areas cover employment matters, criminal law, dispute resolution and prevention as well as assignments relating to general contract law. We assist also in other matters on a case-by-case basis if we consider that our firm can provide the required value for the client.

We offer also professional training from practical perspective relating to themes connected to our core practice areas.

We never compromise the trust and best interests of our clients. In practice, this means providing customized, cost-efficient and high-quality services with a rock-solid dedication. We commit to redeeming this promise, day in, day out. We may be considered a small player within the market but even a giant can be knocked down, blow by blow. We have the required attitude and the know-how.

Meaningful and responsible work is important to us, whether talking about legal services or other areas of society. We value promoting of sports, culture and the work by civil society organizations. We are very proud to be able to use the art by a Finnish painter Juhani Perälä in our visual identity.

We want to be amongst the ones who contribute to a more just and responsible world.

Our work begins where the pavement ends.


Our services

Dispute resolution & contract law

We provide versatile advice to companies and private individuals in matters relating to dispute resolution and contract law.

Criminal law

We offer advocacy services in criminal matters for both the defendant as well as the victim i.e. the injured party. We handle various criminal cases from severe violent offences to white-collar crimes, relating to e.g. occupational health and safety as well as to trade secrets.

Employment law

We are experienced in advising especially employer clients in various matters regarding employment law. We are familiar operating with both Finnish and foreign companies. However, we are also pleased to advise clients who are in the role of an employee.

Other matters

In addition to our core services, we also advise in other types of assignments if we consider that we can bring the required added value for the client, taking into account the nature of the assignment.

Pekkinen, Attorney Ltd.

Our offices are located in the capital city of Finland, Helsinki, yet we operate nationwide.


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