Employment law

Choose our firm as your trusted partner in employment law matters. Our expertise covers all aspects of legal issues relating to employment law, including M&A-related questions.

We are experienced in advising especially employer clients in various matters regarding employment law. We are familiar with both Finnish and foreign companies. However, we are also pleased to advise clients who are in the role of an employee.

Employment matters have a crucial importance in the course of business operations as in individuals’ everyday life. It is important to be fully informed about the content of the rights and obligations identified under one’s agreement, whether working as an employee or acting in the role of a managing director. From the perspective of the employer, well-organized personnel management and carefully drafted agreements for the employees and management mitigate human-related risks and also increase the commitment of the personnel. The employer should put effort especially on the agreements concluded with the management and other key employees.

Employment disputes and different settlement and exit arrangements are within our core expertise.

We offer wide range of employment law services, from advising in daily matters to exceptional situations:

We have understanding on the legal issues arising from the modern forms of work. Shortcomings in the compliance with the employment matters surface to publicity easier than before. It is difficult to measure financial value for having a responsible employer brand but the price for the defects can be usually identified. We want to help our clients thrive in a responsible manner.

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Let us know how we can help.​​